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Kees Maks (1876-1967)

Kees Maks

Circus Medrano

Signed lower left
Oil on canvas
58,5 x 80,5 cm.

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Kees Maks


Kees Maks


The Amsterdam artist Kees Maks is considered to be one of the most important figurative painters of the early 20th century. Parallel to the growing influence of the avant-garde style of painting in the early 20th century, many artists were returning to a more neo-classical style of figurative painting, known as the Retour à l'Ordre. In Paris particularly, these figurative painters, such as Kees van Dongen gained an increasing following in the art world.

Maks made a name for himself with his paintings of fashionable nightlife. Circus themes, dancing couples, strolling people and garden parties had until then been unknown themes for Dutch artists. The lively themes and Maks's playful style of painting -  using bright and clear colours -  made a great impression on the public. Maks, together with Kees van Dongen and Jan Sluijters, caused a sensation with their work, because of its modern character.